Theme Zelus

Changelog for wordpress theme "Zelus"

Version 1.3.3

  • FIXSecond and third Slider image not showing in Google chrome
  • FIXWoocommerce checkout page issue with style
  • FIXlayout breaks in multiple places when open zelus theme in IE11
  • FIXTop Menu Button option is not working
  • FIXSidebar issue for services page
  • FIXcss issue with multiple pricing plans
  • FIXAdd order attribute for services so you can order them for the side menu
  • FIXWhen mouse over on the social icons, Underline is trigger on other icons.
  • FIXIn blog page filtering option is not working
  • FIXOn blog page arrow is not showing in same line
  • FIXUnderline appear on mouseover of social icons in top bar

Version 1.2

  • NEWAdded "Peeking Form" element to have a slide-out call to action form on a side
  • FIXFixed call to action block with button layout on mobile devices
  • FIXMinor bug fixes

Version 1.1

  • FIXFixed FAQ items not opening
  • FIXFixed link to list of icons information

Version 1.0

  • NEWInitial Release