Theme Neptune

Changelog for wordpress theme "Neptune"

Version 6.2.3 - March 21th, 2018

  • FIX Updated ACF Pro plugin
  • FIX Updated UserPro plugin

Version 6.2.2 - February 24th, 2018

  • NEW You can now decide in theme settings whether to hide or show nutritions and ingredients boxes on mobile devices by default.
  • NEW Added “eye” icon to recipes in meal plans so that you can view them from a meal plan
  • FIX Fixed missing words in translation of meal planner
  • FIX Updated Osetin Meal Planner plugin to version 1.2
  • FIX Updated ACF Pro plugin
  • FIX Updated UserPro plugin
  • FIX Updated WooCommerce templates

Version 6.2.1 - December 21st, 2017

  • FIX Fixed top 10 popular posts widget display
  • NEW Added logo & site domain url to printed recipes
  • NEW Top bar is now visible on mobile devices when you click the menu button
  • FIX Improved top bar layout on smaller screens
  • FIX Improved “My Recipes” page layout on mobile devices
  • FIX Fixed some fields on recipe submission form
  • FIX Updated included plugins (ACF, UserPro) to latest versions

Version 6.2 - November 14th, 2017

  • FIX Updated all included plugins to latest versions
  • FIX Fixed ingredients counter bug

Version 6.1.1 - August 30th, 2017

  • UPDATE Updated twitter icon.
  • UPDATE Updated all included plugins to latest versions

Version 6.1 - June 16th, 2017

  • NEW You can now set custom link for each ingredient.
  • NEW You can view/share and print your meal plans now.
  • UPDATE Updated included plugins to latest versions UserPro, ACF Pro, Bookmarks.

Version 6.0 - May 17th, 2017

  • NEW Our unique Drag & Drop Meal Planner, built specifically for this theme.
  • NEW You can now add custom link to ingredients.
  • NEW Icons imrpovements.

Version 5.0.4 - March 20th, 2017

  • FIX Fixed vkontakte and odnoklassniki social icons styles
  • FIX Fixed regular post gallery type output

Version 5.0.3 - February 9th, 2017

  • FIX Fixed imaged header output

Version 5.0.2 - December 2nd, 2016

  • FIX Fixed compatibility with video plugin
  • FIX Updated userpro and acf plugins

Version 5.0.1 - November 24th, 2016

  • FIX Fixed compatibility with older versions of PHP.
  • FIX Updated all included plugins to latest versions.

Version 5.0 – September 29th, 2016

  • NEWAdded ingredient servings calculator.
  • NEWNext and Previous posts bubbles on left and right sides of a recipe page.
  • NEWImproved logic for related recipes block, you can now select the logic behind it.
  • NEWAdded social sharing and printing box.
  • NEWAdded font size toggle box for the recipe text.
  • FIXUserPro facebook connect issue on lightbox

Version 4.0 – June 5th, 2016

  • NEWUsers can now edit recipes they’ve submitted
  • NEWAdded "My Recipes" page link to the top bar for users who have submitted recipes
  • NEWYou can now use custom fonts
  • NEWAdded social networks links with icons for youtube,YouTube, Vine, Blogger, Vimeo, Flickr, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki
  • NEWYou can now embed videos and other shortcodes in each "Step" of recipe just by entering the shortcode in the step description field
  • NEWUsers can now upload their photos along with a review they write for a recipe
  • NEWRecipe nutritional values are now included in the Google Rich Snippet scheme
  • NEWUsers can now select category, cuisine and features for recipe on submission
  • NEWEach individual review is now also in the Google Rich Snippets scheme
  • NEWFeatures for each recipe are now linked to feature index, showing all recipes that have this feature
  • FIXPrint recipes now shows ingredients
  • FIXTheme Settings are now hidden for non admin users
  • FIXUpdated UserPro and ACF plugins to latest versions
  • FIXFixed category description not appearing without setting a category header background image
  • FIXMobile Layout Fixed for recipe submission form
  • FIXFixed ads between posts images and html code not appearing
  • FIXUpdated Translation files
  • FIXUpdated included premium plugins

Version 3.1.1 – March 28th, 2016

  • FIXSmal bug fixes
  • FIXUpdated included premium plugins

Version 3.0.1 – December 2, 2015

  • FIXFixed issues with front-end recipe publisher
  • NEWAllow adding videos to regular posts
  • FIXFixed categories page layout issue on smartphones

Version 3.0 – November 27th, 2015

  • NEWAdded lots of new elements to index posts like hearts, author info, date published, comments etc…
  • NEWAdded new layout type for recipe meta
  • NEWAdded a hero image layout for recipe

Version 2.3 – November 20, 2015

  • NEWAdded social icons on author posts page
  • FIXFixed urls for author social icons below the recipe
  • NEWAdded "list users" page
  • FIXUpdated Translations

Version 2.2 – November 18, 2015

  • FIXFixed category widget issue when specific categories are selected
  • FIXUpdated ACF pro plugin to the latest version
  • FIXFixed category page layout on mobile devices
  • NEWAdded "gallery" post format support, you can now add multiple images for a recipe which will slide on the index page
  • FIXFixed images width overflow embedded in the recipe body
  • NEWAdded Lightboxes to all images, steps and galleries
  • FIXFixed: The quote icons do not appear when the quick description field is blank
  • NEWAdded step duration now gets outputted on the recipe page
  • NEWAdded step title is now getting outputted on the recipe page
  • FIXImproved bookmarking widget appearance on mobile devices
  • NEWAdded "cuisine" taxonomy type for recipes
  • NEWAdded option to select custom header layout and logo size for each page and recipe
  • NEWAdded option to filter posts on recipe index page by Features and Cuisines
  • NEWAdded new widget "Neptune Cuisines" to output cuisines in sidebar
  • NEWAdded cuisine and features output on single recipe pages

Version 2.1.3 – November 11, 2015

  • FIXFixed recipe layout on frontend publisher
  • FIXFixed styling for the default mailchimp widget
  • FIXWooCommerce integration
  • NEWAdded option to set slugs for ingredients and feature taxonomies
  • NEWAdded sidebar position option for recipe
  • NEWAdded sidebar position option for index pages
  • FIXOrganized Appearance settings in Theme Settings panel
  • NEWAdded option to change sidebar, footer, related posts, header, mobile header background color/image
  • FIXMuch better & smarter dropdowns in top andFIXED class="change-type-new">NEWfixed menus
  • FIXYou can now change background color and scheme for menu dropdowns
  • FIXFixed ingredients search form output on iphone
  • NEWAdded an option to add content to recipe index pages, it can go above or below posts archive
  • NEWAdded option to set layout for each category
  • NEWAdded option to decide which post type to show on a recipe index page

Version 2.1.1 – November 1st, 2015

  • FIXFixed a bug when a menu disappears from category pages

Version 2.1 – October 30th, 2015

  • NEWAdded google’s "Rich snippets for recipes" metadata markup
  • NEWAdded support for regular blog post types in search results
  • NEWAdded preparation time field for recipe
  • NEWAdded total time field for recipe
  • FIXAdded an option to have
  • NEWfixed width featured posts slider
  • NEWAdded multiple new layout types for featured slider
  • FIXFixed top menu plus icon appearance
  • FIXFixed some translation missing strings
  • FIXFixed errors which appeared if UserPro plugin was not installed
  • FIXFixed sub menu items not clickable on mobile devices

Version 2.0 – October 26th, 2015

  • NEWAdded option to have regular posts in the featured slider box
  • NEWAdded option to have regular posts in the sticky slider
  • NEWAdded new type for top menu
  • FIXFixed wide logo output for mobile menu
  • NEWAdded placeholder for category widget when there is no image
  • NEWAdded more controls for category widgets, it now can return top level categories only by default and also can output specific categories by ids
  • NEWAdded fixed/sticky header on scrolling with an option to set separate logo for it
  • FIXFixed search box position bug on mobile devices
  • NEWAdded an option to upload separate logo image for mobile header
  • FIXFixed mobile responsiveness
  • NEWAdded search by ingredients feature Made next/prev posts show placeholder image if they don’t have one
  • NEWAdded option to disable sidebar moving on scroll
  • FIXFixed ‘serves’ translation to allow interchangeable location with the number of servings
  • NEWAdded feature to allow users bookmark recipes
  • FIXFixed thumbnail size on regular post type single post page
  • NEWAdded ‘neptune categories’ sidebar widget
  • NEWAdded ‘neptune social’ sidebar widget
  • NEWAdded ‘neptune author’ sidebar widget

Version 1.1 – October 3rd, 2015

  • NEWAdded Recipe Steps On/Off feature
  • NEWAdded Timer Feature
  • NEWAdded Reading Mode Feature
  • NEWAdded Print Option
  • NEWAdded Voting Feature

Version 1.1.1 – October 10th, 2015

  • NEWAdded option to change background for featured recipes
  • NEWAdded option to change permalink for the "osetin_recipe" recipes
  • FIXFixed issue with shortcodes not appearing in widgets
  • FIXImproved documentation for demo data import